2013 – 2014 SEASON



by Richard Strand                      3/27–4/13/2014
A trip to the DMV to get an address on a drivers license changed turns into a mind-
numbing but hilarious journey through red tape. Full of wit and pathos, Marta’s journey
through mis-guided information plunges her to the depths of despair and the heights
of joy as she tries to hold on to who she is.
Clever, hysterical and exasperating.  

A FEW GOOD MEN by Aaron Sorkin       5/1-24/2014
 Aaron Sorkin (Moneyball, The Social Network, The West Wing) wrote this captivating courtroom drama which ran for 500 performances on Broadway in 1989 and became an Oscar nominated film in 1992. Originally inspired by true events, this taut, tense thriller erupts when two Marines are accused of the hazing death of a fellow Marine at Guantanamo Bay.The Navy lawyer, a callow young man more interested in softball games than the case, expects a plea bargain and a cover up of what really happened. Prodded by a female member of his defense team, the lawyer eventually makes a valiant effort to defend his clients and, in so doing, puts the military mentality and the Marine code of honor on trial. “Enormously entertaining.”-N.Y. Daily News “Plenty of wise cracking humor and suspense.“-Time Magazine  

by Nathan Sanders     6/12-6/29/2014

Stuck in a Florida swamp near Disney World, the Nettles sisters are determined to escape spinsterhood by hopping the next spaceship out of town, and they’re not going to let the arrival of a snake charmer, a handsome Mormon Bishop and a mysterious bird woman stand in their way. See the show “New York Newsday” called the “most impressive debut of a new American playwright“. ** Purchase Tickets **